As I Lay Dying English Extension Journal

This is the blog of Jeremy Martin of Year 11 English Extension Class (Phillips. It is being used for the purposes of completing Part B "Journal" of the research project given to Year 11 English Extension Classes. The novel chosen was "As I Lay Dying" by William Faulkner.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Week Four

This week, I have worked on my composition. I got the idea from my composition due to the centrality of horses in As I Lay Dying and the complications/rift which develops between Addie and Jewel as a result of him working night shift at the farm next door in order to purchase a horse. Further, my Grandparents (one set) live in Nowra - where Archer, the horse too win the first Melbourne cup came from, so I was familiar with the legend that he walked from Nowra to Melbourne due to the lack of train networks. While sources suggest that he travelled by boat, my story is based around the legend of Archer in an attempt to create a journey of a nature such as that found in As I Lay Dying and too emulate Faulkner's style and development of inter-personal relationships between the characters.

Further, I feel that such a topic for the story will allow me to develop a local variety of colloquialisms, such as those found in Faulkner's "As I Lay Dying" (Southern) while still remaining interesting to whomever may read it (likely no-one, however there is a remote chance high-schoolers (along with markers) may read the work - as such the audience has to be kept in mind.

Sources used in my research on this topic

While the topic area needs very little sourcing, I felt some research was neccisary in order to establish a basic foundation of "facts" which would be used in my story.

Among the more useful sites, are:

- - The History of the Melbourne Cup. This site provides a good overall history of the Melbourne cup, with an informative paragraph of the 1st Melbourne cup, in which 2 horses died after a fall and one horse started early. The deaths of Explorers Burke and Wills was newly announced, once again capturing the public imagination with exploring and possibly keeping an audience away from the race (who's attendance was low).

- Racing Victoria's "Parts of A horse" - This site developed within me a greater understanding of how horses run (parts needed to run) and allowed me to show the familiarity with horses each of the characters in my story had through the use of proper names for parts. Further, the interactive nature of the image provides an unusual and user friendly interface. Although, it was a struggle to find "chestnuts".

- The article "heads or tails" (if it asks for user name and login just use "ooops" "ooops") is informative and provides a range of facts about various Melbourne Cups - all which helped to provide me with a greater basis for my story.

Images relating to my story